Cairns Wedding Helicopters

South Pacific Bridal offers you the amazing opportunity to include a helicopter journey as a part of your wedding day. For grooms, this can be your James Bond moment. Fly into your wedding landing on the beach and walking into the chapel to greet guests. Or take a heli photo tour together after the ceremony, flying over the Great Barrier Reef, remote sand cays and rainforest mountains. As well as being an epic way to spend your first moments as a married couple, this creates the opportunity for some simply breathtaking wedding photos and video.

Get Married In Paradise

Helicopter Photo Tours

Helicopter photo tours can be incorporated in your wedding photography and videography, to create simply astounding imagery.

Imagine landing on a remote sandy cay, in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, surrounded by the glistening clear blue waters of the Coral Sea.

Or soaring over the mighty mountain ranges, with ancient rainforest, deep gorges and tumbling veils of water. Your helicopter will land at a secluded spot, putting you deep into the heart of 50 shades of green.

Cairns wedding helicopter flights can be incorporated into your ceremony, your photography and cinematography, or fly away for an intimate reception in paradise. Contact us for more information.


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